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Брюгге, Germany
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Yes, the treatment of each patient is confidential. In our work, we are guided by the law. Non-disclosure of personal data and medical secrets is guaranteed.
As safe as possible. Firstly, the clinic consists of two isolated areas: for healthy visitors and those who are sick. Secondly, the reception in the area for those who are sick is organized so that clients do not meet in the corridors. Thirdly, the center is thoroughly disinfected, we clean the "risk zones" many times. Fourth, to enter the medical center, each client goes through the sanitary inspection area: disinfects hands, puts on a mask and, if desired, gloves.
Yes! You can make an online appointment with any doctor of the center.
For patients from other cities and those, accompanying them, we organize a transfer from airports or railway stations (by prior arrangement). You can also get to the medical center by personal or public transport.
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